Wedding Catering Services – Berlin Based Caterer

The cost of getting married is high and one thing you want to do is choose an excellent wedding caterer who will create a memorable spread as well as your vows. It is essential to have a few questions answered before signing any contract with a Business Catering Berlin-based caterer.

If you’re considering hiring a caterer, ask if they can arrange for a sample of foods that you like before you hire them. Reputable companies will often oblige.

Make sure to check out the pricing range. Included in this range are the linens and glassware as well as tax.

Do they provide chairs and tables as well place settings with all the dishes and the like? If so, make sure it is in good condition.

You should ask who the caterer will be on your big day.

You may find that they overlook some things if the company is over booked.

Please ask about any extra charges for waiting staff and the manner in which they will attend.

Do the wedding catering companies have insurance, are they licensed, and meet all the required health requirements? Then ask them if alcohol is served and whether or not they have a licence to sell it.

If you are able to manage your bar on your own, you will save money. Request references, and obtain contact information. A wedding cake is provided by the vendor.

This is important as you want to avoid a bad surprise, or paying a lot more for the catering than you had budgeted. You want your reception to be perfect and fit in with the wedding theme.

The Meadows in Berlin is a popular wedding catering company that not only provides the food but can recommend locations and provide all decorations and cakes. Vine Wisdom Consulting offers an all-inclusive package that includes catering for traditional weddings. Tudor Manson offers a full wedding service that includes food, decorations and entertainment.

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