It is an effective alternative therapy to distant healing

For a better understanding of why distance healing can be a complementary and effective therapy, it helps to know about the evolution of mankind and the physics that governs our lives. The article is lengthy, so you can move on to another part if the healing physics aren’t your thing. See leagle ayahuasca for get more info.

Universal Life Cycle

Late in 2011, three scientists made the discovery that, since the big-bang, the universe expands at a faster pace than previously thought. The universe’s life is affected by an ‘growing power’ as long as it is expanding at a faster pace. After the end of expansion, this big cycle of life will mature.

All life forms on the planet go through this cycle: birth, growth, maturation and reproduction, then decline and finally death. All objects vibrate more quickly and experience increased vibration annually. The sun is an example of this, it becomes hotter every year and releases more energy. It is well known that the sun helps us grow. Looking at the earth’s ancient fossils, it is clear that there has been a constant growth force on Earth for millions of year. This growing force also led to many different types of species and growth cycles.

Growing Force

Scientists have not yet been able to categorize this force. However, it’s likely the equivalent of dark energy which is a large portion of invisible matter that accounts for 70% of all the mass in the universe. Dark matter makes up the remaining 25 percent. Only 5 percent of our universe can be seen, including the stars and earth down to the atomic scale. The dark energy I sense contains the same growing force as invisible light, and it is the source for the conscious intelligence found in all forms of life. As pure energy, this dark energy has no visible form and cannot be observed. Likening it to our Creator’s energy.

Physics has an interesting fact: “Objects gain mass as they travel through the space”. It means that the increasing force makes all objects gain mass. This includes ourselves. In Einstein’s famous E=mc2 equation, energy is equal mass times speed of the light squared. As mass increases, objects vibrate more and gain energy. As you know, you cannot die and are therefore eternal. Your mass and vibratory rate will increase as you experience more lifetimes.