Hiring an Environmental Waste Recycling Company Can Save the Planet

Although you may believe that you do not throw out a great deal of trash each week you could want to run the numbers. As an example, suppose you are putting three bags of garbage on the curb once a week. That’s 156 bags each week. We’ll say, for example, that 2000 households each produce 156 rubbish bags every year. The landfills will receive 312,000 bags. Read this?

Imagine the total amount of rubbish collected in every office, home and business around the globe. The numbers will likely shock you.

However, it is worth noting that 75% of all the garbage that’s being crammed into plastic bag and then dumped on a landfill can be recycled. According to EPA statistics, less than 30 percent recyclable material gets recycled. Although it seems that aluminum cans can be recycled, 55 billion were disposed of in landfills or incinerated instead. These are an incredible number of cans which have not been recycled or used.

It’s not possible to make the whole world better, but you can change your own part. Comme each person typically produces around 1.5 tons waste annually, it is possible to start recycling. Calling up a recycling firm is very easy. Your recyclable waste will be emptied into the trucks of the waste recycling service from your containers. After the waste material has been collected, it is brought to a recycling facility. There about 28 tonnes of waste per hour are processed. About 438 metric tons are processed every day.

The paper that is collected is separated and then recycled to make new paper. Recycling glass for new glass and recycling metal for additional metal are two ways to recycle materials. Most of what goes in the trash can is recyclable. Basically, you can only throw out one bag of trash each week.

It is common for people to complain that the process of waste recycling takes so much time. Place your recyclables into the appropriate container, and the recycling company does the rest. You just have to place your recyclables in the designated container and let them do the rest. It’s possible that before you know it you are drinking from the glass bottles you have used in target practice.