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Welcome to GoldStar Painters Rockhampton; we provide a number of painting services for the people of Rockhampton. Whether you want a change of colour for your bathroom, an entire new look for your downstairs living area, or you are preparing for a property sale with a complete re-paint from top to bottom, inside and out, our experienced contractors are more than able to accommodate your request.
Have you noticed just how much affect colour has on your life? There have been many studies over the years as to the effect colours have on person’s psyche.
Dark colours often seem to make rooms seem smaller; light pastel colours, like your pale greens and blues, promote a sense of calm, while brighter colours like orange and yellow are alive and upbeat and vibrant. 

​You should be comfortable in your home; your home should reflect your personality and make a statement of who you are and who you want to be, and a great way of doing this is by the colours of the paint you use on your walls.
And if it is important for a homeowner to feel comfortable with the colour choices in their own home, it is also important that a commercial business be comfortable with the colour choices in their place of business.

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Colour effects people even if they are unaware of it. Blue evokes trust and security; red creates a sense of urgency; orange is vibrant and energetic and calls people to action; yellow is an attention grabbing colour and is often associated with youth and optimism.
In business, first impressions matter, and often those first impressions don’t begin when you and your client come face to face. Often, they occur before you even meet them, and part of that can be something as simple as your business’ colour pallet.
When someone enters your home or your business, they should immediately get a sense of the type of person you are. Your colour choices tell a story, the story of you, and at GoldStar Painters Rockhampton, we want to help you write that story.

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From the Big Brahman Bull Statue in the south, the Fitzroy River meandering through the centre, and the Mount Archer National Park in the east, Rockhampton is a place of beauty; a place to be proud of.
Goldstar Painters Rockhampton enjoys the simple beauty that a well painted surface can give a property; it is our aim to do our bit to help ensure Rockhampton remains as beautiful as can be.
We have a wide array of services on offer; whether you are a residential homeowner or a commercial business or office manager, our services and our experienced friendly local contractors look forward to working with you.
We offer exterior and interior painting services, roof painting services, and even fence, patio, porch and deck painting and staining services. And if you have something else that requires painting, just give us a call and tell us about it.
So, regardless of the size of the job, whether you just want a fence painted, or you own a townhouse complex and require a complete repaint of all of your properties, you can be sure that we will treat the job with complete and utter respect and sincerity.
Our friendly staff are waiting for your call, or you can send a message via the contact form.

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Interior Painting Rockhampton

interior painters Rockhampton

Having your interior painted is one of the best ways to individualize your house and make it reflect your style, personality and character.
You can use light colours to make small spaces seem larger or bright colours to make rooms more welcoming. Pastels are great for providing a soft mood in rooms like your bedroom, while dark colours can make a big space seem smaller, cosier.
Whatever your reasons for wanting your interiors painted – to give it a fresh new look, or in preparation for a sale, or just because you want something different – we can help you with your decisions.
Finding that right colour to match your personality and the purpose of the room is important, and we want to help you make the right choice. So call us for all of your interior painting requirements.

Exterior Painting Rockhampton

exterior painters Rockhampton

Provided you choose the right contractors, giving your home exteriors a new paint job can be an investment that returns, in an increase in the property value, more than the cost of the actual job.

Provided you choose the right contractors. Contractors, like us.
A newly painted exterior boosts your curb appeal, if you have intentions of selling. The first thing a potential buyer will see of your house, is the exterior. If the paint is flaking off, if it’s mouldy, dirty and dull, you have already set a bad precedent in the mind’s of any prospective buyer.
And even if you aren’t selling just yet, painting your home’s exterior protects your home from the elements. It helps stop moisture getting into your home, stopping mildew and mould from forming. It even helps protect against termite damage.
So call us for all of your exterior painting requirements.

Commercial Painting Rockhampton

commercial painters Rockhampton

We’ve talked how an individual can impart their personality, character and style on to their house  through the use of colour. The same is true for businesses, also.
A lot of businesses have brand colours. These are colours that are important to the DNA of the business. They speak of what is important to the business … what is at the core of the business. Having your building interior and exterior feature these colours really emphasises these core values of your business to your customers and clients. It reinforces in their mind that this is a business that stands for something.
However, faded paintwork, dull colours, smudges, dirt and cracked paintwork tell a different story about your business. It might tell a story of a business that doesn’t perhaps have the pulse on the seemingly small details of their business. This is not the kind of first impressions you want to give prospective clients and customers.
So call us for all of your commercial and business painting requirements.

Roof Painting Rockhampton

roof painters Rockhampton

Your roof does a lot for you. It is in the elements, 24/7/365, and the elements can be harsh, with the sun beating down on it, the rain pelting at it, wind-blow dust, leaves and debris covering it, and birds leaving behind little presents on it constantly.
One of the roof’s defences against all of this stuff, is the paint. This protects the roof, giving it a little barrier between it and the elements. Paint protects the roof from algae, which could cause water damage to your roof.
A new roof painting can also liven up your roof. All that time in the elements can fade the roof and shingles. A new roof paint can bring it back to life, increasing curb appeal and your property value.
Roofs should be repainted at least every 10 years or so, or when you notice problems occurring. 

So call us for all of your roof painting requirements.

Deck, Porch, Patio Painting and Staining Rockhampton

deck painters Rockhampton

Painting and staining your deck, porch and patio protects it from the weather, not to mention it also makes them look great.
Decks, porches and patios are great selling points as well, if you are putting your house on the market, particularly if they are newly painted or stained. But even if you are not ready to dive into the property market just yet, having a beautifully maintained deck, porch or patio is a great talking point for when your family and friends come on.
Over time, your outdoor entertainment areas take a beating; the wood begins to splinter, discolourings appear, and the areas no longer appear inviting. You don’t want to bring people out into those areas, and so they become a waste of space. Sprucing them up with some paint or wood staining can bring them back to life.

So call us for all of your outdoor entertainment painting or staining requirements.

Fence Painting Rockhampton

fence painters Rockhampton

Painting or staining your wooden fence makes your fence look great and really gives your property an added selling point. But painting or staining your fence is not just an aesthetics thing.
When done properly, painting or staining your fence will protecting it from the elements, allowing the fence to stay strong and secure for longer. The enemy here is water. Water, as most people know, plays havoc with wood, causing it to rot. The paint or staining creates a layer between the water and the wood, protecting the wood from the destructive effects of the water.
So call us for all of your fence painting or staining requirements.

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As we’ve said before, painting may seem to be an easy enough home remodelling venture to perform ourselves, but it can be a deceptively difficult thing to master. Anyone can paint, but not anyone can paint well. It is not as simple as just getting a brush, getting some paint, and just giving it ago. There is a practiced art that professional painters like us have spent years perfecting.
Anyone can do an OK paint job, but it takes a professional painter to do a job that you will love to look at for years to come. So call our contractors at GoldStar Painters Rockhampton. We will dedicate ourselves to give you the best paint job possible.
Call us today, or fill out our quote form. Our friendly staff are waiting to here from you.

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What Are Some Benefits To Painting Interior Walls And Spaces?

Maybe you’ve just bought your own home, maybe you’ve been living in it for a while and just need a change, or maybe you’re intending on buying a new home and want to increase the sale price of your home. In all of these situations, painting your interior walls has a number of benefits.
We’ll go quickly through some reasons quickly here, but please visit the Interior Painters service page for a more thorough explanation.
Painting your interiors allow you to impart your style and character onto your house. If you’ve bought a house, it is very unlikely the colour scheme of the interior was painted with you in mind. You might like it, but it doesn’t quite reflect you. Your home should be a reflection of your style and character, and one way of doing this is through the colour schemes of your interior walls.
Over the years, people change. The colour scheme that was so ‘you’ a few years ago, might not be working for you now. You’ve changed, so now the house doesn’t reflect you. Repainting your interiors is a chance to spruce up the home, clean it up and freshen it for the next stage in life.
And finally, if you are planning on selling your house, giving your interiors a fresh lick of paint can be a cheap and easy makeover that can increase the sale price of your house. It’s all about first impressions, and a fresh, colour scheme immediately puts potential buyers into a better headspace regarding the rest of your home.

What Are Some Benefits To Painting Your Exteriors And Roof?

We go from the insides to the outsides, and it should come as no surprise that we think there are some major benefits to painting your house exteriors, and your roof, too. Once again, we’ll go into more about this in their respective service pages.
One of the major benefits of an exterior paint job is the protection it can give to your exteriors. Think of all the exposure the outside of your house gets; all that sun, the rain, the wind-blown dust and debris, insects, birds, animals. You can almost think of paint being like the house’s skin; it protects what is underneath from the things that could cause it damage.

But it doesn’t last for ever. Which is why re-painting your exterior may be something you need to do.
This is particularly the case with painting your roof, as well. The paint helps prevent the growth of lichen and algae, among other things. That mightn’t sound that interesting, but lichen in particularly holds moisture against the surface – in other words, the roof. And water doesn’t react well with the roof surface. In fact, water can cause the roof to rot and decay and might cause you to need a very expensive roof replacement, if left unchecked. Regularly re-painting can help in this regard.
And a fresh coat of paint, perhaps a new colour, just makes your house look so much better than a weathered, dull coat of paint. It’s not just about showing off to your neighbours (although, that’s cool); painting your exteriors has been shown to increase the value of a house by between 2 and 5 percent. To spin the statistic another way, the cost of an exterior painting job is likely, in the long term, to have a return of investment of about 140 percent. In other words, you spend money now on the paint job, and you get it back and more later when the house sells at an increased price.

Why Not Paint Your House Yourself? Why Bring In The Professionals At All?

It’s true. You could do it yourself (although exterior painting and roof painting might be a little more difficult). You’ve seen those TV shows and the contestants always seem to do the painting themselves, and most of the time, it comes out ok. Why fork out for a professional?
Here’s some reasons:

–  Painting is easy enough to do OK, but deceptively difficult to do really well. Are you willing to settle for just OK? Or do you want the paint job to look professional? Remember, this paint job is something you are likely to have to live with for a long time.

–  Painting takes time, and you know the saying about time and money. And it’s not just the time it takes to paint your interiors and exteriors; it is also the time it takes to prepare and clean the surface.

​-  Professional painters … are, well, professional painters. Painting is what they do for a living, every day of every week, for years. They are prepared for everything that is involved with the painting. They have all the equipment required – drop cloths, sanding equipment, paint brushes, paint, rollers, ladders, scaffolding, and more. They have all the safety equipment we need to work with paint and solvents. They have the experience at working on ladders. At every step of the way, they know exactly what they need to do. Professionals understand paint, they understand colour, they understand safety. Painting is not just splashing paint on the wall and calling it a day.
In the long run, getting in professionals will save you time and money, because professionals are more likely to do it right first go.

* This site, Goldstar Painters Rockhampton, is a referral site. All work will be passed on to and completed by a licenced Painting contractor.